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Certified by World MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION. Located 6921 Independence Parkway Suite #160 Plano, Tx 75023 Lee's u.s. taekwondo is a best plano martial arts school in plano tx, In the plano Martial Arts, everyone starts, everyone trains, everyone wins. We teach multiple style karate, tae kwon do / martial arts / weapons. We are a black belt school. Martial arts teach us how to defense our self. Martial arts also build our self-confidence especially for kids. What is Taekwondo?Taekwondois a Korean Martial Art that has been scientifically developed overmany centuries . It utilizes the mind, body and spirit, and whenpracticed diligently, the discipline can improve all areas of astudent's life. Taekwondo can be practiced by people of all ages, andcultivates a feeling of self-control and physical fitness. Taekwondo isone of the best all-around exercise programs, consisting of stretching,toning, calisthenics and cardio-vascular development. The ultimate goalof Taekwondo is to help individuals feel better about themselves.

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Why choose Taekwondo? Developing and maintaining a sound body and mind are keys to enjoying life. With Taekwondo, you learn to unite the power of your body with the power ofyour mind thereby increasing your energy, your self-discipline andconfidence, improving your health, reducing your stress and maintainingyour general fitness for a longer happier life.Each martial arts student possesses different physical abilities. Size andstrength vary from one person to another. Whatever your current fitnesslevel by developing a strong foundation in the basics of Taekwondo, youwill improve your physical abilities, your mental discipline andmaximize your self-defense skills.

The Benefits of Taekwondo Improved Reflexes and Coordination. Increased strength, stamina and Flexibility. Improved Cardiovascular endurance and Weight Control. Stress Reduction and Increased Levels of Relaxation. Increased self Confidence and self Discipline. You will sleep better, feel good about yourself, and have FUN!

Children's Program>

Ourchildren's program strengthens confidence, energy and spirit. Whilehaving fun learning to kick, block and punch, your child will realizeimproved academics, unshakable self-respect and increased strength andfitness in mind and body.

Youngsters also develop the ability to concentrate and listen more closely, respect for others, good sportsmanship and new friendships!

Junior class awards and achievement banquet. Promotion belt test. Taekwondo championship. Christmas party. family picnic. Parents night out.

Classes for Women and Men AtLee's U.S. Taekwondo Academy,our unique martial arts instruction will help you regain flexibilityand stamina, reduce stress and give you a new aura of confidence thatcomes from effective understanding of the principles ofself-determination and self-defense.Lee's u.s. taekwondo is best karate school in plano tx,Lee's u.s. taekwondo is the best martial art school for kids in plano txLee's u.s. taekwondo teaches WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) style taekwondo which is Olympic style taekwondo in plano tx or Olympic style martial art in plano txLee's u.s. taekwondo is a WTF certified school.Lee's U.S. taekwondo is located in West Plano TX, intersection of Independence and Spring Creek.Lee's u.s. taekwodo is best karate school in plano tx. We are a family over her.